Here we explore governance in the particular context of governing a commons, that is an organic federation or ecosystem of decentralised entities.

As with any of the things we build we should consider:

One of the core reasons why we write and research here in wiki, despite the difficulties and complexities of the software and social writing process, is that we need a Collaborative hypertext environment where we can evolve in an agile way the code, the legal frameworks, models, the ideas, stories and media elements - all in a single interlinked social dialogue.

Legal documents are complex. Software is complex. understanding a distributed culture of any scale is complex. We cannot hope to capture this complexity in a democratic fashion using traditional linear media.

We need an evolving democratic media in which every citizen can both write and read. In which the coders, or server administrators, or corporate investors do not dominate and design the language we use to cooperate and decide together. Hypertext and the Read Write Web are political acts.

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Governance is all of the processes of governing, whether undertaken by a government, market or network, whether over a family, tribe, formal or informal organization or territory and whether through the laws, norms, power or language of an organized society.

It relates to "the processes of interaction and decision-making among the actors involved in a collective problem that lead to the creation, reinforcement, or reproduction of social norms and institutions." In lay terms, it could be described as the political processes that exist in between formal institutions. - wikipedia

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